Michael Burgess

Michael is a freelance photographer and host of the podcast Be It Me Not You - The Photography Podcast

@beitmenotyou|5mo ago|1:01

started mining BTC

CryptoTab Browser - Lightweight,

CryptoTab Browser - Lightweight, fast, and ready to mine!


@beitmenotyou|6mo ago|1:06

Use swell as a voice #twitter

i had an idea of using swell as twitter but with my voice

@beitmenotyou|6mo ago|2:02

Why do people still not understand about face coveing

Why are people still not understanding how important it is to ware a face covering and keep themselfs and others safe #covid19 #covid #saftyfirst

@beitmenotyou|6mo ago|4:08

UK face coverings and the double standards

peofaxes the #uk pleathe hear me out about the #facecoverings and helabout to make it safer and forgel to be able to inforce it



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