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@VoicesOfSwell|2mo ago|1:40

A delight to connect with Steve here on Swell. A chance for us to explore together. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Wozniak #apple #innovation


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@stevewoz|1mo ago|3:53

How I’m doing now.



@VoicesOfSwell|1mo ago|1:02

RV specifications! #dreams #travel #RV



@VoicesOfSwell|1mo ago|0:55

More of your perspective here... #buzzwords



@stevewoz|1mo ago|3:55

Computer problems, Motorhome



@stevewoz|1mo ago|4:52

Discovery, Invention, Disruption



@VoicesOfSwell|1mo ago|2:17

To adopt or not to adopt a new shiny tech tool? #mantra ?



@VoicesOfSwell|1mo ago|0:58

Opening this up for Swellcasters to contribute! Thank you again, Woz!



@sudha|1mo ago|0:55

Quantum computing and cryptographic security https://bit.ly/33gesKZ



@stevewoz|1mo ago|3:29

New tech decisions



@stevewoz|1mo ago|2:57

Quantum thoughts



@bookishpodcast|1mo ago|2:31

Travel and audiobooks



@topgold|1mo ago|1:52

@stevewoz Dylan (9) and keeping his dog in a hotel. Plus iOS news.



@stevewoz|1mo ago|3:48

Road trips, audiobooks.



@stevewoz|1mo ago|1:09

Young Dylan in Ireland



@AverageJoe|1mo ago|2:35



@CaliGooner|1mo ago|0:44

Question for the students!



@RayRenati|1mo ago|0:37

Much thanks.



@TobinT|1mo ago|1:23

Thank you both-common RV’ers



@shammi|1mo ago|1:29

Making breakout just using TTL. Love to hear more details about it..



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