Caleb Paul

The universe feels like a gift waiting to be unpacked

@tooshy|1mo ago|Psychology · Technology · Science

If you could customize your dreams when you sleep, what would you do?

#dreams, shared worlds

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@tooshy|1mo ago|Arts · Philosophy · Psychology

We are all like musicians

#Art, #psychology

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@tooshy|1mo ago|History · Philosophy · Science

Imagine early humans seeing snow or fire for the first time? How do you think they might have felt?

#absorbing surprise

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@tooshy|2mo ago|Humor · Just for Fun · Community

Why the stores openned 24/7 have a door?


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@tooshy|2mo ago|Philosophy · Psychology · Science

How do you know you exist if you are born with your 5 senses "not working at all", with no type of interaction with the outside world at all?


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