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Danny Moynahan



@SwellSpotlight|11d ago|3:12

https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DVAuX1mXqzgLy4neFXLJe?si=i8s8MuDPRXuYV5ol72mClQ Let’s talk about making music and doing things you #love

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@Danny|11d ago|4:22

The inspiration behind every song and every lyric on Decade Of Danny


@SwellSpotlight|11d ago|2:27

Keyboard sounds... the variety?


@Danny|11d ago|4:45

Wurlitzer 200A, Fender Rhodes, and other vintage sounds


@SwellSpotlight|11d ago|2:19

Your voice and the connection to the true you #advice


@Danny|11d ago|3:16

I am a singer


@Danny|11d ago|4:05

The Oracle of Killamery said so https://open.spotify.com/track/721Bxmc86nqO


@SwellSpotlight|11d ago|1:32

The music of teaching no matter what topic ;)


@Danny|10d ago|2:33

In collaboration with the band members


@SwellSpotlight|10d ago|1:54

Tips for inspiration and Let’s open this Up for new voices!


@Danny|10d ago|4:45

The connection to the music inside you



@Danny|10d ago|0:52

Post script


@DBPardes|10d ago|0:53

La la love love keep in going #swell up


@Danny|10d ago|0:14

Thank you!!!



@rachel|9d ago|1:15

@Danny Sharing creative work with the world!



@Danny|9d ago|4:09

Please enjoy (or Get it while it’s hot)



@rachel|9d ago|1:54



@SwellSpotlight|8d ago|0:22

Play the saw?



@Danny|8d ago|0:51

By special request https://open.spotify.com/track/3qmQmmgDvOIGuwIx6dyeTz?si



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