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@Swell|1mo ago|2:57|

New Swell Feature: Open Swellcasts

Learn about Open Swellcasts! Check out @pics to try it out 🍿

@Swell|1mo ago|1:58|

New Swell Feature: Inline Audio Player

Learn about our new inline audio player!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:28|

New Swell Feature: Audio Recorder Upgrade

Learn about our new audio recorder!

@Swell|7h ago|0:24|

Welcome to Swell! Say Hi!

Say hello and tell us how you heard about Swell. We’d love to hear your voice and your Swell discovery story. 💡

@Swell|7d ago|0:49|

The Swell approach to Information and Moderation

We discourage the spread of misinformation. We encourage you to moderate your conversations and cite references or provide first hand information.

@Swell|8d ago|0:48

Introduce Yourself!

Make your first Swell about you! #hello #firststeps https://app.swell.life/swellcast/9dkY

@Swell|17d ago|0:26

Welcome to Swell! Say Hello!

Let us know you’re here. #firststeps

@Swell|18d ago|0:15|

Happy New Year!

Happy new year

Happy new year


@Swell|20d ago|1:16

A note on abuse - Swell is NOT a dating app!

If you downloaded Swell for dating or hooking up, we encourage you to delete the app now! if you have been subject to unwanted advances, please listen

@Swell|1mo ago|1:22|

A Directory of Open Swellcasts

Link your Open Swellcast here so we can include it on our directory!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:39

New Swell Feature: Co-Hosts

Learn about adding Co-Hosts!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:28

New Swell Feature: Switch Accounts

Learn how to Switch Accounts on Swell!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:49

New Swell Feature: Block/Unblock

Learn how to use the new Block feature!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:12

New Swell Feature: Pin/Unpin

Learn about the new Pin feature!

@Swell|1mo ago|1:09|

The Salon: Curating Convos, Arts, and Culture

Hi! It’s @dbpardes Think of #TED #Vice #Medium - content that really helps shape how we see the world - found here on Swell.

@Swell|1mo ago|1:17

How to Find Swells That You’re Into

Swell is for you. We’ve made it easy to customize your experience. #search #discover #create

@Swell|1mo ago|0:27|

Welcome NPR Listeners!

Let’s keep talking about the things that matter to us, inspire us, and keep us thriving as a global community. #NPR #1A

@Swell|1mo ago|0:57|

The Club: Fun questions, fun people.

Welcome to The Club! It’s @CaliGooner and @rachel here. This is a place of all of us to unwind, laugh a little, and just have some fun!

@Swell|2mo ago|1:07|

The Newsroom: News, Politics, and Sports

A guide to finding the best conversations and swellcasts on #news, #politics, #sports and related topics.

@Swell|3mo ago|2:21

New Features: Preferences galore!

✨ Explaining some of the updates on the newest version of Swell ✨

@Swell|4mo ago|1:27

Use the PAUSE feature to take a .... pause!

Take a pause while recording your Swell. #tutorial #swell #tools

@Swell|4mo ago|1:03

Focus Group: Your Input Is Needed

Thank you for your feedback about this one question #feedback #swell Your voice matters to us🙏

@Swell|5mo ago|1:02

How to Create a Swell Panel Conversation

Use the panel feature to limit participants and comments. You can always open the conversation to the public when you’re ready! Great for #events

@Swell|5mo ago|3:48|

New Features: Swell App Release Is Live!

Highlights about this latest version of Swell. Let’s get right into it! #conversations #discovery #innovation

@Swell|5mo ago|1:25

How to DELETE a Swell Comment

Inside Swell conversations that you initiate - you are able to DELETE comments from others. Use this function wisely. Here’s how to do it

@Swell|5mo ago|2:19

How To Share Your Voice via Swellcast.com

It’s now easy to hear Swell conversations via the web. No need for the app to listen to your Swellcast!

@Swell|5mo ago|2:36|

How To Create Private Swells

Here’s a quick guide to creating and using private swells. Tell us your use case for Private Swells #privacy #connected

@Swell|6mo ago|1:48

Here’s how to find Swells that Interest YOU

Search is about discovery! #firststeps #tutorial

@Swell|6mo ago|0:51

Your Leadership in the Swell Community

We curate Swell Roundtables. We’d love your help!

@Swell|6mo ago|1:07

How to post your first Swell

Start your first Swell Conversation in your Swellcast. #firststeps #myfirstswell

@Swell|7mo ago|1:43

Find Your Friends On Swell!

Find your friends already on Swell or invite them to join! #friends #firststeps

@Swell|7mo ago|4:42

Hot off the Press VERSION 2.2 of Swell

OVERVIEW of the coolest new features! Listen in!

@Swell|7mo ago|1:23

How to Send Your Dad A Swell For Father’s Day!

#fathersday #dad #love #yourvoice #voicecards

@Swell|7mo ago|0:34

Are you using Swell categories?

Let us know! #feedback #app #categories

@Swell|8mo ago|1:09

Different ways to use Swell: PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

How can Swell be helpful, be a delight, be a curiosity? Let’s grow this list out to the moon! #collaboration #whyswell

@Swell|8mo ago|1:03

How to share your Swells

Let your friends and family listen to you. #firststeps



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