Shammi Mohamed

There’s only one set of facts in this universe and that is the laws of physics

@shammi|9d ago|1:19|

Is mask shaming acceptable

Woman in NoHo Trader Joe’s

Woman in NoHo Trader Joe’s no-mask tirade tells her side of the story


@shammi|3mo ago|0:45

The Promised Neverland - on Netflix

The Promised Neverland | Netflix

The Promised Neverland | Netflix


@shammi|4mo ago|3:01

President Trump’s publicity stunt ride around the block

The president put on another show for the sake of publicity endangering lives..

@shammi|4mo ago|0:27

President Trump tests positive for COVID

The next few days ought to be very interesting..

@shammi|4mo ago|4:57

Unlearn your experiences

Rehash of a toastmaster speech : How unlearning can help solve problems

@shammi|5mo ago|2:03|

New Zealand elections postponed by a month!

Opposite scenario from US. But is it okay?

@shammi|5mo ago|1:34

360 video for latest falcon 9 rocket landing on a barge

360 View | First Stage Landing o

360 View | First Stage Landing on Droneship


@shammi|5mo ago|2:19

Donald trump attacks drop boxes



@shammi|5mo ago|0:45|

True democracy often leads to tyranny

America Has Never Been So Ripe f

America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny


@shammi|5mo ago|0:56


Join in and play.. next person needs to sing a song starting with the letter G

@shammi|6mo ago|2:44

Space travel.... we are still loooong ways from making it commonplace

The arduous journey from ISS to splashdown..

@shammi|6mo ago|1:14|

NVIDIA looking at acquiring ARM!!!!!!!!

Nvidia is reportedly in "ad

Nvidia is reportedly in "advanced talks" to buy ARM for more than $32 billion


@shammi|6mo ago|4:36

The new Apple iOS and macOS UI design

I like the new return to 3D relief and rounded corners

@shammi|6mo ago|1:06

Splashdown of our astronauts

Crew Demo-2 Splashdown

Crew Demo-2 Splashdown


@shammi|6mo ago|0:13




@shammi|6mo ago|3:44

The power of social media - good, bad or ugly..

Trump’s rally gets punked by Tik Tok teens. Social media power..

@shammi|6mo ago|4:35

Movie deep dive - Somewhere in time

Romantic drama + time travel sci-fi

@shammi|6mo ago|4:51


Introduction to 3 shows

@shammi|6mo ago|2:37

Memorable moments

How I got into swing jazz.. what’s your memorable moment you would like to share?

@shammi|6mo ago|1:02|

Universal basic income

Your thoughts?

@shammi|6mo ago|2:11|

Hyper connected lifestyle

Internet service becomes a necessity.. 55 connected devices in my home!!!!

@shammi|6mo ago|4:09|

Hidden wisdom from movie moments..

"Swell" of a comic speech I gave at toastmasters..

@shammi|7mo ago|2:26

Authenticity of informal appearances when working from home



@shammi|7mo ago|4:55

Movie deep dive - Wreck it Ralph

The plot and what’s good..

@shammi|7mo ago|3:18|

That one moment in a music concert that you can never forget..

Watching Yanni’s Aria live..

@shammi|7mo ago|4:54

Deep dive movie discussions - INTERSTELLAR

INTERSTELLAR - movie plot with no spoilers @vikas

@shammi|7mo ago|3:44|

Ranked choice voting

We're Doing Elections Wrong

We're Doing Elections Wrong | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix


@shammi|7mo ago|4:45|

What does education reform look like today?

Bloated costs and great like rituals

@shammi|7mo ago|2:06

Born out of protest...

A profound story about protests...

@shammi|7mo ago|4:44|

Are humans a bootstrapping ingredient in the evolution of a larger mind


@shammi|7mo ago|2:05

Swell is working!!!

My observations of myself as a user of swell

@shammi|7mo ago|4:01

Social media/networks as a whole - net positive or net negative?

Over the last 15 years social networks have played a major role in our lives. In the grand come has this been for better or worse?

@shammi|7mo ago|2:20|

Should we outlaw human driving when autonomous driving proves to be safer and ubiquitous?

Would you be okay giving up the joy of driving for safety from autonomous driving?

@shammi|8mo ago|1:53|

Patriot act looks at racism from Asians towards African American community

We Cannot Stay Silent About Geor

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd | Patriot Act Digital Exclusive | Netflix




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