Imagine a city designed around PEOPLE instead of cars!

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@SeekingPlumb|2mo ago|2:22

How would YOUR city differ from the modern cities we're familiar with?


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@tooshy|1mo ago|9:28



@SeekingPlumb|1mo ago|2:40

(Sorry, a bit of a ramble. 😆) @tooshy


@topgold|1mo ago|2:47

@SeekingPlumb so hard to reverse a trend



@SeekingPlumb|1mo ago|4:00

Identity, slowing down to be social, perspective. @topgold


@Allowistic|1mo ago|4:21



@SeekingPlumb|1mo ago|2:12

I don't know... @Allowistic


@Allowistic|1mo ago|3:39



@tooshy|1mo ago|5:00

Trees in our urban environment,(very interesting!)



@tooshy|1mo ago|10:03



@SeekingPlumb|1mo ago|2:17

The crystalline form. The advancement of tech & discoveries. @tooshy


@topgold|1mo ago|2:25

@SeekingPlumb Rooftop Gardens FTW



@SeekingPlumb|1mo ago|1:10

I LOVE this, @topgold!



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