Rose Hettich (pronounced Hett-ick)

Aspiring writer, activist, cat mom, and casual scientist. I'm interested in the podcast community, but I don't have the patience to listen to most.

@Rose|7d ago|Hobbies · Podcasts · Self-Improvement

I'm Back! Help Me Start a Podcast or Blog

#advice #tips #podcast #blog

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@Rose|2mo ago|Community · Humor · Relationships

How do you feel about your voice?

Are you happy with it? What would you change? How and when does it change? #voice #swellworthy #personality #diversity

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@Rose|3mo ago|General

Let's talk about fish


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@Rose|3mo ago|Arts · Hobbies · Science

Calling All Aquascapers and Fish Connoisseurs: I'd Reel-y Like Your Insight

#aquascaping #fishkeeping #iwagumi #walstad #fish #terrarium #nature

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@Rose|3mo ago|Family · Self-Improvement · Lifestyle

Itching to Move Out: What are your tips for a college student still living with parent(s) on finding an apartment?

Some stuff you might want to explain would be saving up, finding a location, insurance, moving, mental preparation, parental relationships, etc.

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@Rose|3mo ago|Education · Podcasts · Self-Improvement

1) How did you find your voice? and 2) How do you start a podcast?

sorry for swallowing your ears! I'm sort of learning how to speak into my phone. #podcast #shareyourstory #diverseconversation #assertion

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@Rose|4mo ago|Activism · Arts · Relationships

A little introduction

I'm a little nervous, but I hope this goe-s-well! #firstswell #transracialadoption #blm #introduction

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