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Let’s celebrate life, share good vibes and have some fun :-) shall we?

@Peterm35|18d ago|Environment · Culture · Arts

Professional wrestling (Is the word fake dated?)

We know professional wrestling is predetermined and set up. Does that truly matter? What are your thoughts on the word fake as a buzzword?

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@Peterm35|26d ago|Culture · Community · Technology

Do you ever get mad at your smart device?

Let’s have a conversation about technology frustration

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@Peterm35|3mo ago|Spirituality · Health & Wellness · Community

Are there any fellow Rob Bell fans in the Swellverse?

Does anyone else admire the work of Rob Bell?

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@Peterm35|3mo ago|Community · Just for Fun · Lifestyle

Happy Tuesday everyone, what’s happening in your neighborhood?

Let’s connect

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@Peterm35|3mo ago|Community · Culture · Health & Wellness

An Evening Meditation

Hello friends, Thought some of you might consider using this meditation as an evening wrap up before sleep. You are loved :-). Grace and peace.

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@Peterm35|3mo ago|Just for Fun

A Friendly introduction to my Swellcast

Greetings and blessings good people. Just wanted to give you a quick introduction as to the kind of content you will find here on my Swellcast.

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@Peterm35|3mo ago|Humor · Just for Fun · Culture

Sunday Shenanigans

Welcome to a brief moment of Sunday shenanigans with Pinky and the brain! Thanks for listening everybody :-).

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