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Life Origami: When You Need To Regroup and Rebuild or Create An Action Plan for Life or Business

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Toucan Impressionism using Pointillism

Toucan Green BG.TIF

Toucan Green BG.TIF


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@LifeOrigami|9h ago|Covid19 · Business · Health & Wellness

Capitalism is Failing During the Pandemic

I believe capitalism is quickly collapsing we need to think differently, let’s debate and discuss

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@LifeOrigami|2d ago|Health & Wellness · Lifestyle · Self-Improvement

Our capacity for change is limited, we have a love/hate relationship w/change



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@LifeOrigami|11d ago|Covid19 · Health & Wellness · Philosophy

Redirect pandemic energy

I’ve been learning to redirect my pandemic confusion, anger and tension to self care

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@LifeOrigami|11d ago|Covid19 · Business · Community

Emotional attachment and customer service

I’m surprised at my emotions when served well during this COVID era

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@LifeOrigami|12d ago|Business · Reviews · Stories

The race to zero $0 cell phone with Shaw cable in Canada, we are switching

Canadian Innovation in cell phone data plans, is electricity to soon follow?

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@LifeOrigami|15d ago|General

We need Pragmatic Innovators Visionaries




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@LifeOrigami|16d ago|Covid19 · Health & Wellness · Business

Are you planning a dental visit during the pandemic?

We must reinvent personal services, health care and businesses

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@LifeOrigami|17d ago|Covid19 · Health & Wellness · Philosophy

Pro-mask or anti mask? Moral beliefs predictable?

https://app.swell.life/swellcast/kFdC the research article https://flip.it/WZluKX @Zeitgeist

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@LifeOrigami|20d ago|Covid19 · Community · Health & Wellness

Please, 2 week lockdown in Alberta

To save lives we need a two week #circuitbreaker #lockdown otherwise the economy will be deemed a greater priority instead of lives in #alberta

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Newbies Swell community observations

There is a kind, gentle and caring community here that I admire and value deeply @mererlyhuman https://app.swell.life/swellcast/y8Cr

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@LifeOrigami|22d ago|Health & Wellness · Humor · Self-Improvement

Pride is a double edged sword, is our pride just a layer which protect our Achilles heel?

My #pride was revealed when I slipped on the icy steps in our new home , I was #vulnerable laying on the concrete in the snow #lifeorigami

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@LifeOrigami|22d ago|Community · Health & Wellness · Self-Improvement

Authentic Conversations

We crave authenticity and connection which we get in spaces using audio apps #lifeorigami #genuinedialogue #authentic @Swell @CaliGooner @MerelyHuman

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@LifeOrigami|24d ago|Election2020 · Community · Health & Wellness

The Deep Sigh heard around the world

What Joe Biden's win can tell us about Alberta politics — and where it might be going | CBC News

What Joe Biden's win can tell us about Alberta politics — and where it might be going | CBC News


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@LifeOrigami|27d ago|Covid19 · Business · Health & Wellness

First Swell introducing myself

A bit about me and the business I operate with my wife

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