Pj Baldwin

@JohnnyBaldwin|2mo ago|Just for Fun 路 Psychology 路 World

If you could change 1 thing in this world, any one thing, good, bad, annoying, disturbing, etc. .What would it be?

Change, 1 choice, world, news, people, events, 1 wish to change something

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@JohnnyBaldwin|2mo ago|Health & Wellness 路 Lifestyle 路 Philosophy

How can we, as humans, find positivity in everything that we do and the world around us馃馃馃槉

Positively, humans, world, attitude, good, positive think, living

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@JohnnyBaldwin|2mo ago|Community 路 Technology 路 Other

How do we get the Fantastic Concept of SWELL to a larger based Community?

Swell, Community, concepts, growth, invite, discuss, communication

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@JohnnyBaldwin|2mo ago|Covid19 路 Community 路 Politics

Do people Really believe the Reblicans and Dems are not all " in Bed Together" putting on the show of a lifetime for public distraction ???

Politics, the truth, reality, Republican, Democrat

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