Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee|5d ago|Culture 路 Lifestyle 路 Arts

Good Morning Nightmare

Audio Fractals with Jessie Reyez my constant soundtrack

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@GeorgieDee|9d ago|Culture 路 Philosophy 路 Music

Doom Days Lyrics by Bastille

Social Commentary through lyrics ( language warning) spoken word to my piano

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@GeorgieDee|10d ago|Health & Wellness 路 World 路 Lifestyle

Morning Stillness

Audio scape before sunrise #birds #australia

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@GeorgieDee|2mo ago|Community 路 Health & Wellness 路 Lifestyle

Sing Song Saturday!

For Tim 馃榿 @Tim #singsongsaturday join in just sing

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@GeorgieDee|2mo ago|Community 路 Lifestyle

Neighbours - Do they bother you?

I did something in the dead of night

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@GeorgieDee|3mo ago|Family

I'm going to be a Grand Aunty!

My nephew's girlfriend is pregnant! Does that name me a Graunty?

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@GeorgieDee|3mo ago|Community 路 Health & Wellness 路 Lifestyle

Coffee With Georgie

ASMR Coffee Making- have a cup with me! With a coffee Song #coffeecast #coffeewithgeorgie

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@GeorgieDee|3mo ago|Podcasts

SWELL - Authentic Social Audio

plus a tip on profiles

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@GeorgieDee|3mo ago|General

Australian Beach Sounds

Wind Ocean Sand

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@GeorgieDee|3mo ago|Lifestyle

Are you a Planner?

How to solve a difficult work situation. Let's talk about sex... no no just work... #work #stress #plans #lifehacks

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