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Scilla Andreen

Scilla Andreen



@DBPardes | 9d ago | 3:00


An in-depth look into Scilla’s career, her choices and her vision for the industry of storytelling on screen @iNDIEFLIXCEO https://www.indieflix.com/



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@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 9d ago | 2:43


What to talk about with regard to my work when I’m in a crowd or at SXSW, S


@DBPardes | 9d ago | 0:55


The skill of listening..


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 9d ago | 4:04


Listening is the biggest part of my filmmaking process. Set aside judgement


@DBPardes | 9d ago | 1:47


Foundation work


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 9d ago | 4:22


I never dreamed I’d start a foundation. IndieFlix Foundation is so much big


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 9d ago | 1:42


Working with kids in foster care has brought new meaning to the indieflix f


@DBPardes | 9d ago | 3:22


@DBPardes | 9d ago | 0:59


Upstanders film https://www.theupstanders.com/


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 7d ago | 2:35


My latest film RACE and the RACE series is a very inclusive project. I’m in


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 7d ago | 5:00


A bit about The Upstanders A documentary about the power of peers to eradic


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 7d ago | 5:00


How it all came together - A bit more about iNDIEFLIX ecosystem


@iNDIEFLIXCEO | 7d ago | 1:17


RACE poster idea and call for kids to interview


@DBPardes | 6d ago | 3:57


@DBPardes | 6d ago | 4:39


Link to Vimeo of Trilogy Trailer 🙏🌱 https://vimeo.com/432245608



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