The Muons are Misbehaving

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‘Last Hope’ Experiment Finds Evidence for Unknown Particles

‘Last Hope’ Experiment Finds Evidence for Unknown Particles

Quanta Magazine


@arish | 7d ago | 0:31


The Standard Model of Physics may be up for revision after 50 years https://s.swell.life/SSTvH8e7uVEJ47J



6 Swells

@DBPardes | 7d ago | 0:57


Wobbliness 🥨


@arish | 7d ago | 3:04


The English language has done great disservice to Physics 😄


@DBPardes | 7d ago | 2:00


The surrender....


@Karan.Dev | 6d ago | 1:04


@arish @DBPardes What’s an area in physics you think the world should know?


@arish | 6d ago | 0:48


@Karan.Dev Relativity of time - Interstellar



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